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 We can Supply of Refactory Products:


1. Refractory Bricks  & Shape.

2. Fire Bricks (i.e, Standard, Tappered, Skew etc.)

3. Shape Bricks (i.e, Burner Block, Block, Round Bricks etc.)

4. Refactory Castables (i.e, Low cement and Conventional. )

5. Refactory Mortars (All kind of mortars up to 90% Alumia. )

6. Insulating Bricks.

7. Insulating Castables ( insulyte 7, insulyte 11, insulyte 13 etc. )

8. Casting Powder for steel casting.

9. Nozzle Filling Compound (NFC).

10. Covering Compound.


Entire products meet the ISI specifications required and are authenticated by reliable and responsible government laboratories such as the CGCRI.




1.Steel Industries

2.Cement Indutries

3.Glass Industries

4. Petro-Chemical Industries

5.Chermical Industries

6. Steel Castings

7. Cock Owen Battery.

8. Fertilizer

9. Power Plant Boiler



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