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Payment terms for all tooling and development charges are payable upon order placement. 


We  will provide first article samples, as applicable, manufactured to your  specifications that are issued on or before order placement.   In the event that we cannot manufacture the parts to the required specifications, we may reimburse fully, partly or  for an agreed percentage of the tooling charges paid.


It is our condition of sales that all dies and tools produced for the manufacture of parts contained herein are the property of the buyer and are not transferable unless we have your written consent.  Die charges incurred by the Buyer will cover initial die development costs only.  Once the initial charges are received, the Buyer will not be subject to additional die charges for repair, maintenance or replacement, as long as the customers’ orders continue to be manufactured by the originally contracted foundry. *If our manufacturing partner (foundry) ceases operations or is unable to continue production and a new foundry must be employed, partial tooling replacement charges may be incurred.  We will however make all attempts to keep these charges to a minimum if this situation arises.


All products manufactured from the die(s) are for the exclusive use of the buyer. We will not sell these parts to anyone else unless the buyer gives written consent.



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