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Twist Caps (Metal Closures)


These are also called Lug Caps, belongs to the group of metal vaccum closures, which form a hermetic seal on a glass container immediately after the capping process. The tamper proof seals gurantees absolute air-tight seal and maintains the quality of the contents for a long time. It can be easily opened by a quarter turn giving consumers the right ease of opening.,



Juices, Vegetable, processed food, sardines, tuna, honey, jams etc.


Suitable for hot-fill, cold-fill, pasteurization and sterlization processes.


Sizes Available: 38mm, 43mm, 53mm, 58mm, 63mm, 66mm, 70mm and 82mm


Closure Styles Available:


  • Regular : Standard Caps
  • Medium: Medium drawn caps with a height of 13mm
  • Deep: Deep drawn with a cap height 15mm which is ideal for additional print on the skirt
  • Fluted: Fluted Skirted caps whcih enhances grip for easier opening.
  • Safety Button: The embosed or elevated center of the cap that serves as the visual and audible indicator of vaccum assuring tamper-evident products. The safety button pops up when opened indicating product freshness and quality retention








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