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Used 1600x3 mm Slitting Line for SS



Complete slitting line for sale, never used after commissioning and was still installed in line. It was made in 2014 and it was forced to stop due to marketing reason. A LARGE NUMBER of tools and spacers are included.


1. General Specifications:

Coil sheet width:                     Coil sheet width: max.1600 mm
Coil sheet thickness:             max. 3 mm
Arbor size:                                 220 mm
Slitter motor power:                DC 45 KW
Recoiler motor power:           DC 90 KW
Materials:                                 Galvanize, Stainless Steel and cold rolling plate


2. Process flow:

Preparation——feeding coil——uncoiling——straightening, pinching and leveling——hydraulic shear——accumulator——vertical roll——rotary shear——scrap reeling——tensioning device——recoiler——unloading



3. Equipment list:


1 - Coil car
1 - Uncoiler with hold down roller and peeler
1 - Pinch roller
1 - Pit loop
1 - Transit roller table
1 - Pinch roller
1 - Slitter
2 - Scrap rewinder
1 - Tensioning device
1 - Recoiler with support arm
1 - Uncoil car
Many - Tools and spacers


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