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Chalo Dilli

03/01/2011 | 11:36:55 | Daanish Ellias

 Taking a flight from Delhi`s spanking new Terminal 3 is an experience and the journey truly begins with the Airport train from Shivaji Stadium. The experience is international from beginning to end. The station, the train with the journey progressing on the monitor makes one wish you could spend some more time before arriving at the terminal. Alas it is just about 15 minutes ride. But fortunately the new terminal does not let one down with its spaced check-in counters, ample security scanners, an array of stores and food joints.

it is an amalgamation of inspirations from Swarnabhoomi airport (Bangkok), Dubai airport, Changi (Singapore) and HK airport (definitely the airport train). And the execution is spot on.
Delhi metro and Delhi airport have indeed set benchmarks and hopefully the infrastructure coming up in the rest of the country will meet and exceed these standards. No question India has come a long way on execution and building world class project. One just wonders what happened at the Commonwealth Games. Hopefully it was an aberration and we have learnt lessons from it.
dtd. 03/1/2011
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