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BIS Certification --- Update

19/02/2009 | 23:53:45 | Daanish Ellias

 The Indian authorities have taken a measured and thoughtful approach. They have worked with the steel community in understanding the industry and the implications of BIS standards 

Lets hope Foreign manufacturers` international standards (Japanese, EU, Korean standards are also extremely stringent and accepted globally) are accepted in lieu of BIS standards. The application process is simplified and the cost scaled down considerably. For the sake of the industry as whole  a level playing field must be  maintained and the steel user industry must get competitive prices and specifications/steel unavailable in India..
Beggar-thy-neighbour policy is a policy that will doom the entire domestic economy and the authorities must continue working with steel community because this global financial crisis will continue for sometime and perhaps worsen before the global economies stabilise and grow again. A misstep or a knee-jerk reaction will harm the industry creating closures, unemployment and social unrest.
This is a going to be a test for the Steel Industry and for Governments to be sensible despite increasing pressures it will face from sections of the industry.
A recap of the BIS is as follows:
I) In Effect from 12 Feb 2009
a) 1785 (Part - I) : Plain Hard-drawn Steel Wire for Pre-stressed Concrete - Part I : Cold Drawn Stress-relieved Wire
b) 1785 (Part - II) : Plain hard-drawn steel wire for Pre-stressed concrete: Part 2 As drawn wire
c) 6003 : Indented wire for Pre-stressed concrete
d) 6006 : Uncoated stress relieved strand for Pre-stressed concrete (First Revision)
e) 13620 : Fusion boned epoxy coated reinforcing bars
f) 14268 : Uncoated stress relieved low relaxation seven ply strand for Pre-stressed concrete
II) Postponed to 12th Feb 2010
a) 277 : Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain and Corrugated)
b) 648 : Non-oriented electrical steel sheets and strips for magnetic circuits
c) 2002 : Non-oriented electrical steel sheets and strips for magnetic circuits
d) 2041 : Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels Used at Moderate and Low Temperature
e) 2830 : Carbon steel cast billet ingots,billets,blooms and slabs for re-rolling into steel for general structural purposes
f) 2831 : Carbon Steel Cast Billet Ingots, Billets, Blooms and Slabs For Re-rolling into Low Tensile Structural Steel
g) 3024 : Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip
h) 15391 : Cold Rolled Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip - Semi-Processed Type
III) Omitted
a) 1786 : High strength deformed steel bars and wires for concrete reinforcement.
b) 1993 : Single cold reduced tinplate and single cold reduced blackplate - electrolytic and hot dipped tinplate sheet and blackplate sheet
c) 2062 : Steel for General Structural Purposes
dtd. 19/02/2009
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