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Thoughts on "Make in India"

31/05/2016 | 01:19:06 | Daanish Ellias

Each morning as I step out of my car, I run into the "Make in India " is indeed a  wonderful morning inspiration for India s growth and potential.

However the words "Make in India" seem a little isolationist. So are we going to make everything from a simple clip to micro chips? Are we going to put blinkers and become protectionist (like we have become on steel) and then expect the world to open their markets to us"?


Is "Make in India" going to end up making  Indian companies complacent with protectionist measures that enable them to sell shoddy products like it was prior to liberalization of 1992.?


Are we missing out on the fact that supply chains are global and it takes cross border cooperation and production to make the eventual product?

And what happens to transfusion of global ideas, skills and learning that allows innovation and world class products?

Of course time will tell. In the meantime, we do hope a culture of implementation develops in India. Education moves from rote learning and marks to truly igniting minds for creativity and innovation. An enabling infrastructure develops in India with Government policies that inspire rather than scare Indian businesses.


The make in India lion must roar and be unshackled and roam the world with pride and confidence.


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