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JIS G2201 Pig iron for steel making
JIS G2202 Foundry pig iron
JIS G2301 Ferromanganse ASTM A99-82 Spec. for ferromanganese
JIS G2302 Ferrosilicon ASTM A100-80 Spec. for ferrosilicon
JIS G2303 Ferrochromium ASTM A101-80 Spec. for ferrochromium
JIS G2304 Silicon-manganese ASTM A483-64 Spec. for silicon-manganese
JIS G2306 Ferrotungsten ASTM A144-73 Spec. for ferrotungsten
JIS G2307 Ferromolybdenum ASTM A132-89 Spec. for ferromolybdenum
JIS G2308 Ferrovanadium ASTM
Spec. for ferrovanadium
JIS G2309 Ferrotitanium ASTM A324-73 Spec. for ferrotitanium
JIS G2310 Ferrophosphorus
JIS G2311 Manganese metal ASTM A601-69 Spec. for electrolytic manganese metal
JIS G2312 Silicon metal
JIS G2313 Chromium metal ASTM A481-73 Spec. for chrome metal
JIS G2314 Calcium silicon ASTM A495-76 Spec. for calcium-silicon and calcium manganese-silicon
JIS G2315 Silicon-chromium ASTM A482-76 Spec. for ferrochrome-silicon
JIS G2316 Ferronickel
JIS G2318 Ferroboron ASTM A323-76 Spec. for ferroboron
JIS G2319 Ferroniobium ASTM A550-78 Spec. for ferrocolumbium

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