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A unique experience with WOS

 The onset of May marked the end of my second academic year at Indian Institute of Technology, BHU. Two long years of metallurgical training and still I was clueless when it came to relating the theories taught in the classroom to actual application. An internship was an absolute necessity. However I could not concur with the idea of doing a research intern.

I came to know about World of Steel from a senior who had had a superb experience with the company during last summer and somehow I knew this was it. Thankfully I was accepted as a trainee. My job was to study various steel grades, their compositions and prepare comprehensive presentations for the company. I worked on flat steels, utilizing all petty knowledge that I had of the subject. 
But never for a moment did I feel like I was working with the WOS brand. From the moment I entered the office, I was at home. And this was entirely because of the ever so kind employees dealing with everything professionally and ever friendly Vyom sir, answering my every stupid question .What’s more, I was in direct contact with the owner of the company who always managed to take time off his busy day to toss a topic of economics, society, novels or just stop by for a one-liner.
The experience was fantastic and the exposure was replete. The working of a corporate organization in this era of globalization and an industry so volatile, the flexibility of ideals critical to stay afloat, crucial as they are, the ideas were impossible to imbibe elsewhere.
I learnt, experienced deliberated and made friends. These 30 days were something I already miss.!!
Pratyush Srivastava
B-tech III year
Department Of Metallurgical Engg.
dtd. 07/10/2012

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