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Experience with World of Steel

 It was the month of August, when I came to know about the brand World of Steel from my seniors. They had come to Mumbai for some project and told me about the great experiences they had working with Mr. Daanish Ellias and Mr. Gitesh Chavan which in turn motivated me to get in touch with them.

After a series of conversation and exchange of e-mails I got an opportunity to work on a project which had to deal with the “Technical, Marketing and Environmental aspects involved in Steel Trading and Manufacturing”. I found the work very interesting as well as challenging because it provided me with an opportunity to enhance my analytical abilities along with my Technical knowledge.
Working with World of Steel was a good learning experience for me where I also got a chance to develop an understanding as to how Business are carried out in this modern corporate world in a practical way and in a broader perspective. One thing which genuinely needs to be appreciated is the hospitality which the company offered me. I was provided with an authority to consult and approach the Owner directly without any hesitation and he was very kind in helping and providing assistance in any form.
On the other hand, I was glad and felt satisfied when my work was admired by the employs as well as the Owner and proved out beneficial for the Company ultimately resulting in mutual benefits. I enjoyed doing all the hard work and the research which also helped me in a better understanding of the subject and has given me immense confidence.
Karan Vohra
B.Tech  IIIrd Year
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
dtd. 10/03/2011

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