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DONGBU Steel for Prime Tinplate and TFS

From time to time WOS® will recommend producers who have stringent qualities on production backed with first-class customer service and technical assistance.

Dongbu Steel is world class Tinplate company that leads the steel industry with continuous technical development and self-innovation.

TP / TFS manufacturing facility specifications

Location   Incheon Works Asan Bay Works
Start   1978.8 1995.5
Line Speed   Max 300 m/min Max 600 m/min
Capa. (year)   180,000 M/T 200,000 M/T
Process Type   Ferrostan Type
Products   TP & ECCS (Dual Line)

Thickness 0.15 - 0.60mm 0.14 - 0.60mm
Width 600 - 980mm 600 - 1220mm

TP #10 - #100 #5 - #135
ECCS 100 mg/m2 100 mg/m2

Straight 1 Line (HALLDEN) 1 Line (LITTELL)
Scroll 2 Line (LITTELL) 1 Line (LITTELL)



Tinplate / TP

In addition to its elegant shining surface, tinplate possess good corrsion resistance, formability, weldability and printability. Such unique properties allow the tinplate to serve a broad range of applications including beverage can, food can, oil can, paint can, aerosol can, bootle cap, cable and electronics parts.


Tin Free Steel / ECCS


Tin Free Steel boasts superior lacquer and paint adhesion and strong resistance against corrosion. Tin Free Steel is used in the production of cans, containers, home appliances and optical cables.


Tin Mill Black Plate Manufacturing Facilities


Dongbu Steel`s Asan Bay Works is automated cold-rolling mill that manufactures Black Plate of outstanding quality.

1. Pickling Line / Tandem Cold Rolling Mill (PL-TCM)
    Cutting edge cold rolling machine enables precise thickness control by computerized


2. Annealing Facilities
    Continous Annealing Line (CAL) / Batch Annealing Facility (BAF)


3. Double Cold Reduction Mill (DCR)
    As the first established facility in Korea. DCR manufactures ultra-thin-guage black plate
    with optimal quality.



Diverse BP Manufacturing Capability


  • BP with uniform thickness profile, wide range thickness (0.14mm - 0.60mm), good shape due to modernized Tandem cold rolling mill

  • Wide scope of selection for customers` application and processing method, based on the heat treatment capability (CAL/BAF)

  • Double Cold Reduction (DCR) Mill, which produces ultra-thin guage strip including Single Reduced(SR) and Double Reduced(DR) TP / TFS


Quality & Environment Management System

Dongbu Steel is always doing the best not only to supply the highest quality products to customer, but also to preserve clean environment for future.

  • Certification for Quality Management System
    - ISO 9001:2000, KS A 9001-2001, QS 9000:1998, IS/TS 16949:1999
  • Certification for Environment Management System
    - ISO 14001:1996, KS A 14001:1996, KS A 14001:1996, KOSHA2000 program certification.
    - Cerification as environment -friendly compnay granted by the Ministry of Environment.
  • Key Testing Facility
    - Mechanical analysis: Hardness Tester, Tensile Tester, Forming Tester
    - Chemical analysis: Coating weight guage, AES, ICP, ATC, ISV
    - Surface analysis: Scanning Electron Microcopy,, Optical Microscopy


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