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At World Of Steel® Learning Center, we offer a wide variety of resources and tools to help you increase your productivity and create a one stop shop for the steel industry

1. Packaging Steel Conversion Chart
2. Thickness Conversion Chart
3. Raw Materials Grades
4. Bars, Shapes and Steel Plates Grades
5. Steel Plates and Sheets Grades
6. Steel Pipes Grades
7. Wire and Wire Product Grades
8. Castings and Forgings Grades
9. What is Wire Rod ?
10. Anti-Corrosion materials for Castings, nuts and bolts
11. Chinese Steel Grades
12. Stainless Steel Grades & Global Standards
13. Korean Steel Grades
14. European Long Steel Grades
15. Coated Cold Rolled European Steel Grades
16. Electrical Steel - Grades and Standards
17. Iron and Steel Glossary
18. New Tinplate CAL Products (Low Carbon & Ultra Low Carbon)
19. Steel Scrap Definitions
20. Dual Phase Steel
21. Learning Presentations
22. Russian Steel Grades
23. RAL Color Chart
24. Machinery Buying Guide
25. Choosing VCI paper to prevent rust
26. 21 Chemical Elements and Effects on Steel Mechanical Properties
27. Important Notificatins
28. Sand Casting - How to form complex Castings with Sand Molds
29. Stainless Steel - Composition
30. Stainless Steel - Standards
31. Stainless Steel - Conversion Formula

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