Anchor Block from India

Anchor Block

Anchor block is a force transfer component of the post-tensioning tendon system in construction and mining industry. The formal term is called wedge plate in PTI definition. However, industry people also call it to wedge block or anchor head according to its different profile and varied application.

According to the definition of Post-Tensioning Institue, it is a device that houses the post-tension wedges in the tapered cavity and transfers the prestressing force to a bearing plate for multistrand tendons.

Anchor Block Classification

In general, post-tension system has bonded and unbonded two types. While unbonded tendon system use monostrand anchor to make a single strand tendon system, the bonded tendon system use anchor block to build multi-strand anchoring system.

According to the definition of PTI, anchor block is used in concrete multistrand unbonded post-tensioning tendon system. Since multi-strand unbonded tendon system is diversified, therefore its profile is varied against the field application. However, anchor may be classified as round or flat two types in general as the below picture indicated.

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