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Buyers Guide

If you are looking for Prime Steel:


Be clear about your requirement, specifications and delivery period you need. Is it a one-time business, seasonal or a regular requirement? How much quantity do you require? Plan ahead because Mills usually plan production 8-12 weeks ahead and the international transit time can stretch between 4-6 weeks.
Look up the featured products, WOS Recommends.
Find the listed product and post your inquiry.
You can also try Search in Flat Steel Offers or Long Steel Offers (depending on your steel category) and type the keyword Prime to get results on prime offers. If it is Secondary Steel, your best option is to look up the scrolling news of latest offers or Search in Flat Steel or Long Steel Offer.
If you are unable to find your requirement post you inquiry or email us at We will place it on inquiries buzz section of our website to give your inquiry prominence in the inquiries section. We also have mailers that go out to our regular suppliers for quotes.
Respond to the offers we send you for your prime requirement. Suppliers expect a reply even if the price is high. Give a sensible bid if the price is high. Plan for the future and having a good and reliable channel for prime more than makes up for a slightly higher price you may pay to get the business started.

If you are looking for Secondary Steel


Do your research. Check the scrolling news. Search on the offer pages. Find the item you require. Learn all you can about the item. Read the item description carefully.
Do you understand all the details about shipping, insurance and payment options? Avoid making assumptions about details that aren't included in the description.
Ask questions. If you have any questions or are unsure about something, contact us by clicking "send your response" link on the item-listing page.
Closely examine photographs if available to assess an item's condition.
Closely examine the packing list if available to know the detailed specs.
Research the item's value. Look at similar offers using the search.
Ensure you can import the item into your country if you are buying internationally and the product does not violate the laws of your country. You are responsible for all custom duties, fees and penalties.
If the steel category or type is unavaibable. Post your inquiry and we will feature it in the Search Inquiries section. We will also send it to our suppliers for their quote and carry the details in our database to contact you when we get the matching steel and specs.
If you are a regular secondary steel buyer, ensure you have subscribed to the secondary offers from our newsletter. This is the most exciting way to stay in touch with international secondary availabilities.

Consider your buying option:-


A. Determine the maximum you're willing to pay for the item:-

  • Take into consideration how much you want the item
    How difficult it will be for you to find another one and how soon you need it, and determine the highest price you're willing to pay.

B. Make every offer a serious one :-

Don't offer on multiple similar items from different sellers if you only want one offer because your offer may be confirmed by more than one seller.


C. Consider Book Now :-

Consider whether you are willing to pay the Book Now price in order to guarantee that you get the item and that you get it right away.
Plan ahead, and ensure your contact information and email address is up-to-date.
Also, check that any "spam" blocking software you have installed does not limit communicating with you.

If you are looking for Machinery:


Be clear whether you require new or used machinery.
Scroll down on Home Page for used machinery and featured machinery.
Send us your inquiry if unavailable and we will post your inquiry on inquiries buzz and send your inquiry to the machinery suppliers.

If you are looking for Castings and Forgings:


Scroll down on our home page to find these categories.
This is a new and exciting business of our parent company and we source from India.
We can do CAD drawings followed by toolings, samples, pilot shipment and inventory management.

If you have an additional question about this subject, email us at Customer Support.



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